QA Services

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Quality Assurance & Testing

At EliteSigma Infotech, we offer complete cycle testing and quality assurance services for both mobile and desktop applications. Our talented test engineers are a crucial part of every project we work on to make sure that the deliverables meet the industry’s quality standards.

In addition, we leverage our QA talent team to offer standalone testing services by means of customized dedicated QA testers. The assigned team will report directly to the client and works exclusively on one project at a particular time, collaborating with the client’s team. This is a tried-and-tested strategy, effective for both mid-term and long-term projects that need ultimate resource scalability and product information retention.

Our test engineers work round the clock to discover bugs and errors before your users do. From preparing the test plan & test cases to bringing together a certified team and managing the testing process, our testing efforts are directed to simplify the entire task. By collaborating with your software development team, we resolve the issues faster and deliver the users friction-less experience.

Automation Testing Services
  • Maximize ROI.

  • Swift, precise and productive results

  • Reduced delivery time

  • Comprehensive & end-to-end

  • Experienced automation team

  • Effective defect reporting

Mobile App Testing Services
  • Robust and high performing mobile applications

  • Enjoy exceptional compatibility across multiple platforms, OS, devices

  • Get ample regression coverage

  • With us accelerate time to market & deliver superior customer experience

Performance Testing Services
  • Determine the responsiveness, reliability, and scalability of systems

  • Identification of issue source

  • Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for improvements

  • Access production readiness

  • Compare multiple systems and configs

Manual Software Testing Services
  • Compatibility Testing

  • Testcase Creation Activity

  • Cross-browser Testing

  • Multiplatform Testing

  • Software Product Testing

  • W3C/ HIG Compliance Testing

Quality Assurance Experts

Our dedicated QA department has experienced quality assurance professionals. We are extremely motivated, result-oriented, and have a passion for constantly enhancing our processes and workflows.

Comprehensive QA Knowledge

Our engineers are well-versed with all types of standard test procedures. Right from testing functionality and performance to conducting security audits and executing complex test automation, our QA team has got your back.

100% Transparency

Because of our agile development approach, we maintain our clients’ trust and 100% results visibility. Clients will always have full access to comprehensive QA reporting that includes test coverage, quality standards, quality trends, and much more.

Industry Expertise

Over the years, our QA team has gained a wealth of industry domain expertise that helps our clients in saving money without having to compromise on quality. Our QA team ensures they use a well-defined testing procedure that includes the following steps:

  • Choosing the optimum QA strategy

  • Choosing the right software tools and technologies

  • Implementing tests

  • Test or sprint planning

  • Conducting a post-project review

  • Transferring the QA deliverables

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